Philippine Chamber of Handicraft Industries, Inc.

Welcome to Philippine Chamber of Handicraft Industries (PCHI)

PCHI is a non-profit, non-stock organization of manufacturers, traders, subcontractors, and exporters of Philippine handicrafts. This company promotes Filipino-made crafts that are sold not only here in the country but also in various parts of the world. It's apparent that Filipinos are born to be creative and talented, and that is the main reason why this company was established.

To give you information, PCHI is not a government organization. With the help of NGOs, PCHI was able to make Filipino handicrafts become known in foreign countries like USA, France, Italy, China, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. Philippine-made handicrafts are also one of the best things that foreign people love about this country. Imagine the raw materials produced from natural sources like trees, root crops, and rocks, these really are artistic treasures the Filipinos should be proud of. Because of those raw materials, craftsmen are able to make chairs, tables, bags, bed, and any other accessories that are indeed durable.

With the help of foreign buyers who continuosly patronize Philippines products, the economy in this country is getting a small lift. Patrons keep on coming back because the  handicrafts are marketable and are worth the spend. PCHI never lowered the quality in making crafts. Foreign exporters will be assured that Filipino craftsmen will always do their best to create quality handicrafts.

Abaca handicrafts is one of the best selling products in the Philippines. This is undoubtfully true because Philippines is considered as the abaca capital all over the world. Products made from abaca are genuine and firm that's why many exporters keep on ordering abaca products such as bags, lamps, basket, and thread.

Some other handicraft products that you can purchase  are Coconut Shell Craft, Rattan Craft, Leather Craft, and Bamboo Craft. Filipinos can also create pendants, brooches, lamps, and buckles in using coconut shells. Sofa, cabinets, chairs and tables are some of the fine things that you can buy for an affordable price. Belts, shoes, bags, jacket and wallet is best made with leather.

Philippine Chamber of Handicraft Industries was established for Filipinos so be proud of what your country has that other neigboring countries won't surely be able to produce! 

You may contat the PCHI through phone: 
747 – 1865

or visit their office at:

238 Sta. Monica St.,
Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.